190 000 €
Цена с НДС, НДС – 17%
≈ 211 052 $
≈ 12 967 405 ₽
162 393,16 €
Цена без НДС
Модель 1900/58
Тип земснаряд
Год выпуска 01/2016
Собственный вес 45000 кг
Место расположения Индия Нью-Дели
Дата размещения более 1 месяца
Autoline ID YM10067
Глубина копания 13 м
Высота выгрузки 58 м
Способы рыхления фрезерный
Габаритные размеры длина - 20 м
Объем ковша 2000 м³
Топливный бак 2 шт
Марка Hatz д12
Мощность 750 кВт (1020 л.с.)
Топливо дизель
Объем 2000 см³
Автомагнитола MP-3
Дополнительные фары
Противотуманные фары
Дополнительная комплектация
Центральная смазка
Состояние новый
В наличии 1
Дополнительная информация:
1900/58 Diesel dredger, milling. Bilge, collapsible.
Performance on water sand mixture 1900m3 per hour, on the ground capacity (dry residue) 180-220m3 per hour. Digging depth cutterhead up to 12 meters.
the main pump is driven on diesel engine D12 535kVt.
Established down-box, there is an option to install the reduction gear.
The main pump BMS-1900/58 (HRAT-T
Installed pile weirs.
Move around the pond with the help of winches.
The length of the pontoons 18 meters. The height of 1.9 m., Width of 1.5 m .. The thickness of the metal 6mm., 8mm thick bottom., Partitions 4mm., Collapsible pontoons 12 and 6 meters.
The dredger is collapsible and is transported by road (eurowaggon 12m) by road.
The price of a new 11 000 000 rubles. The cost of that in the presence of 15 000 000 rubles
Zemnsrayady We produce the following types: 400/20, 400/40, 800/40, 1400/40, 1600/25, 1900/58, 2000/63, 2650/75, 3000/50, 4000/75. Dredgers diesel, electric, hydraulic. Dredgers following work places: quarry, lake, river, estuary, coastal sea area.
There are leasing programs, as well as sell dredgers with installment payment up to two years!
Installing the dredgers to work with a subsequent purchase.
Install extraction postpaid.
We export our manufacturing dredgers. In 2015 it was signed international contracts for the supply of dredgers in India.
We have production bases in the following cities: Krasnodar, Tula, Chelyabinsk, Kazakhstan-Kustonay. Building dredgers which is closer to the customer.
For all products year warranty, followed by post-warranty service.
Installation supervision -free.
Start up works - free of charge.
Contact phone +79002299990